Ramiro  Bélanger

Ramiro Bélanger

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First Name * Ramiro
Last Name * Bélanger
Username * Ramirodraw
Country * Canada
City St Sauveur
Nationality Canadian
Languages French



Website www.genredabattoir.com


Ramiro Bélanger is a computer graphic artist turned movie director. After seven years working on great movies and triple A video games (his resume lists Sin City, 300, Shark Boy and Lava Girl as well as Prince of Persia), he decided that it was time to put his unique artistic vision to work. He went on to create Genre d’Abattoir Studios, the cradle of all his cinematographic projects. With the help of his partner, Master of literature Virginie Lavallée, he developed and wrote a short-movie script for what became Radical, Rifle, Icon, the staged journey of three resurrectable commandos and one infamous cyborg ninja, which he directed, produced, edited, as well as pretty much did everything else (from décors to costumes to lighting).
The making of the movie was very Rodriguez like, as it had a limited self-sufficient budget, which inspired an immense amount of creativity and resourcefulness. The quality of the finish product, for which the world premiere will be held at Fantasia, enriched Ramiro’s will to make movies. It wasn’t long before he was already working on a new script, Cynical Rinse, creating with Virginie a deep mythology (an analogy between the need to create and the need to kill). He also put together a concept art booklet with the help of his friend Vivian Rokray. The script and drawings became avatars of Ramiro’s inexhaustible creative inspiration, and enable him to better present his project to future producers and possible investors. This is only the beginning for the young writer-director, whose images and stories moviegoers are sure to come across in a near future.


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